IMG Academy Golf Professionals

Rob Robertson
Head Golf Professional

I teach students the game of golf. I don’t believe in one swing method for all my students. Build a technically sound swing around the student’s physical characteristics such as flexibility, stature, and ability. My goal is to understand your style and provide the best communication in order to maximize your learning potential

Steve Strausbaugh 
Assistant Golf Professional

My full swing philosophy is to get my students viewing the golf swing as an athletic movement that is executed by their natural athletic ability. I believe that there is more than one way to swing a golf club, and everyone’s swing is unique. My goal is to unite my students unique characteristics with simple fundamentals to create a sound golf swing that can be repeated effortlessly.

My putting philosophy is that there are two major putting strokes. There is straight back and straight through, and there is the arching stroke. No matter what kind of putting stroke you have or want all mechanics must match that stroke.

My short game philosophy is to create a base short game swing. Then by making small simple adjustments, create a variety of shots that are only limited by the golfer’s imagination. 

Ryan Radcliffe
2nd Assistant Golf Professional 

My teaching philosophy is both simple and straight forward.  I strive to improve, but not completely change your current golf swing. I work on fundamentals such as posture, starting position, grip and swing plane. I offer short game, full swing and putting lessons. My goal is to establish a solid and fundamental starting position before moving forward.  

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