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COVID-19 Preventative Measures (Until further notice):

  • We are wiping down steering wheels and cup holders in all carts more frequently, including after every usage so players will always receive a freshly cleaned cart.

  • We are encouraging all players to walk if possible, which was previously only allowed for members.

  • All rakes have been removed and bunkers are raked daily by the golf course grounds crew.

  • All players are being asked to leave the flagstick in the hole.

  • All divot boxes have been removed from par-3 holes.

  • Frequency of cleaning and sanitization of course restrooms has been increased.


Recent Course Notifications:

  • To accommodate the forecasted increase in play, and in consideration of our current fleet (number of car cars), we are presenting several options for the use of golf cars. 
    • If you are playing with a family member or friend, with whom you find no issue, we will pair you in the golf car.  We will promote the sharing of a golf car as often and practical as possible. 
    • If you want to share a golf car, but would like a "social separation", we will have approximately 25% of our fleet equipped with a transparent divider.  Availability will be dictated by supply and demand. 
    • Another option is to provide a single rider golf car.  Please understand that this will be the last option offered, only if the previously mentioned options are unattainable.  If you must have a golf car to yourself, and there is availability, we will do our best to accommodate your request, but you will be obligated to pay for the vacant seat (golf car fee). 
  • ​Due to the current increase in cart traffic, we are asking all members and guests to please park your golf cart on the cart path when near each tee box and green. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Other Course Regulations:

  • Fill your divots & others close to yours.

  • Repair your ball mark & others close to yours.

  • Maintain a good pace of play – 4 hours for 18 holes of play.

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We offer regularly scheduled men’s and ladies’ play, and thanks to our enthusiastic membership, the IMG Academy Golf Club enjoys one of the most active groups of golf associations in the area. The course provides a rewarding golf experience at every level. Impeccably maintained year-round, IMGA Academy Golf Club continuously attracts those who demand the finest playing conditions. We are proud to be the home course of the IMG Academy Golf program. Call to reserve your tee time: (941) 758-1464

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